A young man in a recording studio


Not every podcast has to be an interview show! So what kind of show should you create? Which format would bring the most value to your audience? 

The following show styles offer different ways to showcase your unique personality. (They also have different associated production costs.) 


Schedule an exploratory conversation to identify which style would best fit your goals.


I will be the solo host. My audience will come to know me intimately. I will build a powerful brand. I can easily talk for 20 - 30 minutes at a time about my expertise in my practice area.


I will spend more time preparing an ongoing story, and will rely on my production team to add sound FX and voices to make my podcast come alive.

(1 HOST + 1 GUEST)

I will guide the conversation with a featured guest around the episode’s topic to unpack stories, take-aways and lessons. My producer and I will craft a central theme to keep my show cohesive.


My co-host and I have a great rapport/great chemistry, and each of us will play a specific role in the conversation that forms our podcast. One of us provides facts while the other offers counterbalanced commentary or comedy. 


I will co-host a show with a partner, and we will guide the conversation with guests together.  We will also be a team that provides banter, and insights to our audience. My producer will help craft a story arc to keep our show cohesive.


Members of our practice group have a discussion to form each episode, which feels like an organic conversation between friends. There is one main host who serves as moderator, and the remainder provide commentary on the host’s questions.