Seeking Family—Stories of Domestic and I

SEEKING FAMILY is a show that explores the processes and emotional highs-and-lows that come with domestic and international adoption.


Host and attorney, Kelly Dempsey shares stories and insights from her personal experience adopting her daughter internationally, and her son domestically. She also offers nuanced wisdom from her work helping families through her adoption law practice.


Honest and encouraging, Seeking Family is an invaluable resource for those considering this amazing journey.

Seeking Family - Episode ZeroKelly Dempsey
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  1. Envisioning Your New Family—and Examining Your Own Need for Control

  2. Setting (and Adjusting) Your Expectations—Emotional Highs and Lows

  3. The Adoption Process—How do you even start? What’s the first step?

  4. Walking in Her Shoes—Who Will the Birth Mother Be to You?

  5. Listening to the Voices of Adoptees—What Support Will Your Child Need?

  6. Pitfalls and Dishonest People—Avoiding Scams

  7. Stories of Love