Image by Austin Distel


ARMS AT LAW is a podcast for attorneys (and savvy gun owners) navigating laws that govern the use, possession, storage, carrying, and transfer of firearms. 


Host, Attorney Steven Shanin, taught law at the University of Chicago, practices in the federal courts of the United States, and is a nationally ranked handgun competitor and certified firearms instructor.

Commentary on the latest news, combined with nuanced advice on avoiding criminal and civil liability make this show a favorite with 2A rights advocates. 

SEEKING FAMILY is a show that explores the processes and emotional highs-and-lows that come with domestic and international adoption.


Host and attorney, Kelly Dempsey shares stories and insights from her personal experience adopting her daughter internationally, and her son domestically. She also offers nuanced wisdom from her work helping families through her adoption law practice.


Honest and encouraging, Seeking Family is an invaluable resource for those considering this amazing journey.